Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


What is a domain name?


The domain name is tech jargon for a website address. Our website address is (By the way, www stands for World Wide Web!!) Domains are necessary as they open your website through the internet, much like a digital key address code for your cyber-shop.

When were the FIRST South African domains released?


Internet history was created on 4 June 1993 when the .CO.ZA domains (and Zone file – jargon for where the domains are), were first created and they were available to be purchased shortly after that.

What is the value of good copy and content on your website?


For a newly developed site that doesn’t have much content, it is MORE difficult to rank well on the search pages (!!!) It therefore stands to reason that you take the content creation seriously when copywriting for web, social media campaigns, monthly newsletters and your blog. Images and videography are also very important for ranking well in the search engines. Use this knowledge to prepare your website with robust and relevant content BEFORE you index to the search engines.

What is Social Media’s value in search?


As Google has said : Regular posts of quality Social Media content + your followers shares and likes = trusted INCOMING links, and Google LOVES this, rewarding your website with superb ranking in search, bringing qualified traffic in the form of HOT digital leads.

What is Email Marketing?


Email marketing is a direct style of marketing sending emails to your potential, current and even past clientele to inform them of your current status, specials or even just news.

What is a Blog?


The word Blog is short for web-log, a type of online journal or digital diary.

How do websites influence search engine optimisation?


By combining the flair and responsiveness of design, the logic of good site architecture and great content, with a content-managed website, we get incredible rankings under keywords and queries in search engines…and then there’s your conversion tool, the Chatbox…

What is a website?


A website is a collection of digital pages that serve to advertise to, and inform your clients about the products, services and information about your business, your brands and your projects

What is responsive web design?


Smartphones and tablets are being used for search and websites up to 60% of the time by users of the web. If your website has not been developed to be part of this digital trend, there is a chance you could lose business through your website not ranking well in mobile search. To be mobile friendly, the best option is to make it responsive by redesigning your website. A responsive website will open on any platform and any device (i.e. laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones) and will rearrange itself and take the shape of the device, automatically when you open it.

What is SEO?


SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is quite simply put, a proven method for driving organic traffic to websites by ranking high in the search results of a search engine. It’s a reliable long term solution that through manipulation of your website in the search engines (mainly Google, Yahoo and Bing), will favourably position your website under certain keywords and queries. This puts your website in the direct stream of searching potential clients that leads to greater conversion.

What is Adwords Management?


Adwords is Google’s paid advertising option displaying as “sponsored links” and “Ads” on Google search results pages. Using this Pay-per-Click (PPC) system will create immediate positioning under keywords and queries and generate good results if executed correctly. PPC advertising can acutely approach your target market and by leading these potential clients to your website, convert visitors into customers.

What is the difference between KEYWORDS and QUERIES in search requests?


The major difference between keywords and queries has to do with who is using them. We, the Digital Marketers use keywords. Your searching potential clients use queries. This is a huge difference and most companies use these terms interchangeably.

What Are Keywords?


A keyword is the exact set of descriptive words that you are striving for in an organic search or paid search campaign. If you are bidding in Adwords for the words “stretch tents”, then “stretch tents” is your keyword. Keywords define the strategy of digital marketing. As you will see further on, this is only the first step to deciding where to aim your digital reach through SEO.

What Are Queries?


Queries are what the searcher or potential client types in. A query is a string of words that asks a question for the search engine to answer. “What are queries?” is in itself a query that could be answered with OUR content!

How do I Convert digital leads into real sales?


The combination of the correct Domain Names, managed Social Media, written and visual Content Creation, organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and live non-opt-in Chat Box Conversion all delivered in a Responsive Website Design, that works equally well on both PC and Mobile devices, AND is optimised for the best search engine results…basically all the Microcosms that create the digital marketing Macrocosm converting your digital leads into REAL-WORLD CLIENTS

What tools are used to measure these Conversions?


With digital remote-access analytics and on-site assessment tools and chatbox user-logs with visitor web-usage analytics and trends assessments, you are able to compare Google analytics with your chatbox analytics - measuring your web attentiveness, staff member actual usage and the weekly/monthly Google Analytics comparison (regarding the amount of visitors to your site) to the actual chatbox chats.


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